JavaScriptlandia Badge

Javascriptlandia badge is not showing in my profile and is not available on credly.
thank you


Hi @MOHAMMED_HANIN sorry for my delayed response, but welcome to our community :wave:

I’m checking with our product devs for more information on how and if Individual Dashboard connects with credly to show different badges.

For clarification, are you able to find the badge on your credly?

When did you take the certification, and who did you take the certification with ?

HiThank you for your response,
I can’t find the javascriptlandia badge on my credly profile, It’s a badge for those who support the OpenJs foundation, the paiement was processed successfully but I have no badge on my profiles (credly, Linux foundation).

Best Regards
Mohammed Hanin

Hi @MOHAMMED_HANIN ahh got it!

You should have received an email with the subject line “The Linux Foundation issued you a new badge” from The Linux Foundation via Credly. Within that email are instructions for how to accept/download/share the badge on social media.

The email would have gone to your primary email address associated with your LFX Individual Dashboard profile, under 'Basic Information’

Let me know if you received that email.


Any update regarding my issue with the JavaScriptlandia badge?

Best regards

Mohammed Hanin

Hi @MOHAMMED_HANIN did you find the email I mentioned above?

I didn’t receive that email, I only recieved the payment confirmation payment email(attached picture).
Best regards
Mohammed Hanin

Hello @MOHAMMED_HANIN the email you should have received should have looked something like this shortly after:

If you have not received the email shown above after supporting OpenJS, it will be best to create a support ticket with our LFX team to figure out why you haven’t received your badge. Because this contains personal information our LFX support team will have to investigate this further.

You can create a support ticket for our LFX team on this here: SAML POST Binding in progress...

I’ll also give members from our support team a heads up on this.

Hope this could steer you in the right direction to get this figured out. It may also be a good idea to have some additional information on accepting badges in our documentation or in our community, thank you for bringing this up :slight_smile: