How to build membership program?

Hello All,

I am the project leader of Cloudforet project.

Currently Cloudforet project is community project. But we want to extend our project to foundation project with membership program which is sponsored by companies.

What kinds of steps should I prepare?
Is there any guide or experience about building membership program?

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Hi @OpenSource_Admin

Please check the below documentation link to know more about Operations for a Project.

Hope this helps. Have a good day ahead!


Hi Sumit,

Thank you for information.
This document helps us when we have to configure membership tier in the Project Control Center.

Some of my questions are

  1. Should we update CHARTER file?
  2. Is there any person in the LinuxFoundation, who can advise Membership building process or document?


Hi Choonho,

Unfortunately, I will not be able to give you a proper response on this as I don’t have much expertise in this particular domain.

Please wait for some time, someone will assist you with all your query soon.
Have a good day ahead!


Hi Choonho, thank you for mentioning the Cloudforet project! It is really great to see how you have performed this to developers to work on. Maybe I can contribute from the viewpoint of ‘consumers’? About me: I previous was grid operator on 150kV grids (7 yrs) and then on 10kV/400V grids (also 7yrs). We, me and my son, who studied ICT, were talking about energy with the local neighborhood. Together with the neighbors we made this first open source groupmeter real-live. Demo: (29 groups are running at present) click on participant or group for details in pop-up. Info: GPX Dashboard and software: find gpxenergy on github.
Why we like to cooperate? We like to interconnect groups to supergroups (max 10 groups). We like to be interactive with devices based on group-value kW and or kWh. We like to support any microgrid.
My question: would you consider cooperating feasible?

Hello Egbert,

Your interesting area looks like Energy Area. There is a project related with your one.

My project membership program is a little different what you think.
How to extend our software development community by membership program.

Anyway, thank you for your interest.