Can Any OSS Be Part Of LFX? If So, How To Join?

Hi guys,

I hope you are great. I wanted to be sure if any OSS project can join as one the project on this community so people can contribute to it. We have launched our own OSS (GitHub - bitmakerla/estela: estela, an elastic web scraping cluster 🕸) midyear and it would be really cool to be part of this community.

I did find the option to enroll a program (Mentorship) but didn’t want to fill that out yet until I am certain that is the way to apply as a program for this community.

Please let me know if we can, and if we can, maybe there are some guidelines we need to check out before actually applying

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Hi @essiocolom sorry for the delayed response here :slight_smile: . I am doing excellent! I hope you are excellent as well :partying_face:.

Congratulations on launching your OSS project this year!

To leverage our Mentorship program for your project, your project will need to be apart of the Linux Foundation eco system, LFX is a free benefit provided to Linux Foundation participants, you can find more information on joining here: Host a Project | Linux Foundation

I do know we have plans on making some tools in our LFX platform for all OSS projects, but I believe this will occur later in the future of our roadmap.

I would also check out our mentor or mentee guide outlined in our documentation here: Mentor Guide - Linux Foundation Documentation.

Have you had any thoughts on joining a foundation?