Maximizing your membership benefits


Hello everyone,

LFX Organization Dashboard presents supporters of open source communities a central control plane to better manage and understand their Organization’s overall impact and influence across the open source projects they are involved with.

Being a member of the Linux Foundation or a project helps increase your overall impact, brand presence, and influence over the membership or project, in support of this many memberships include member benefits ranging from but not limited to:

  • A voting seat on the governance board
  • Free member event attendance tickets
  • Or your organization’s logo shown on their website

As support for open source continues to scale, it will become more challenging to manage and maximize your benefits to increase your impact. To ensure you are maximizing your membership benefits Organization Dashboard helps us understand and manage our membership benefits.

Let’s walk through and make the most of our memberships!

Step 1: Access Organization Dashboard

To access Organization Dashboard you need to have a Linux Foundation Community Profile If you do not have one, you can create one here, on the LFX Homepage:

Once you have logged in to your Community Profile you can access Organization Dashboard using the following link at

Step 2: Locate your Organization

In the main view of the LFX Organization Dashboard tool, find the ‘Search Organizations’ field in the left-hand navigation and search for your organization(s).

Step 3 View active memberships

On the main dashboard for your Organization you will see information regarding your memberships and projects your employees are contributing to.

Click on the ‘View All Active Members’ button to view all your active memberships.

Here you are able to view all your active and expired project memberships, as well as gain the ability to discover new projects to support you are actively contributing to.

You are also able to understand:

  • the membership tier
  • renewal date
  • your benefits utilization
  • and contribution data from participants in your organization

Step 4: View membership details

Select a membership by clicking on the project as shown below.

Once selected you will be sent to the membership section of the projects page where you have visibility over:

  • your benefits utilization
  • membership documentation
  • and other organizations that have memberships

Step 5: View your membership benefit details

Select the ‘Benefits’ tab for the project.

Scrolling down on the benefits page, you gain:

  • a description of the membership benefits offered
  • an understanding of your benefits utilization for the membership
  • as well as guidance on how to claim your unused benefits

Step 6: Claim your benefits

Find a benefit you want to utilize and click on the ‘How to Claim’ button and follow the instructions.

Here we will find our benefits that can help you drive impact categorized from but not limited to:

  • marketing
  • events
  • governance
  • training etc.

Methods to redeem each benefit may vary, simply follow the instructions provided in ‘How to Claim’ to redeem.

Step 7: Measure and Maximize

With access to your project membership benefits at your fingertips now what?

Throughout the next year, we can recognize what benefits aid our organization in driving impact, influence, and brand presence and ensure we take advantage of our added benefits. When it is time for renewal we can also prove value by showing utilization of our membership benefits as well!

What are some of your favorite benefits, and/or what are some benefits you would love to see more memberships offer?