How does one add an individual contributor to a committee?

Individual contributor: no job title. no company name. no company url.
All of the above are required fields.

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Hey there Kenny!
Great question, as of now I do not believe this is possible. But I would bring this up as feedback for the next iteration of committees/project management.

I do know that in the next iteration of PCC our product team is working on a toggle for members that work with a company but are not affiliating their contributions with their company… but for now, does this individual have an LFID? Can you find a company name for the individual there, or on LinkedIn?

Yes, they have an LFID. They are now an individual contributor. No longer affiliated with any company.

Ahhh got it, I would definitely add this as feedback for the next iteration of committees/project management.

Give me a few to get back to you on this to provide some next steps for you.

Hey @Kenny_Paul I asked about the LFID because the company affiliation is actually supposed to be set by the user in their individual dashboard at… even though the information is required upon adding a member what is shown in their individual dashboard will override and change in PCC automatically.

I just changed my organization on my Individual Dashboard profile to none and it was reflected under committees as none.

The organization data for the member should update automatically against what is represented in their LFID account.

@Kenny_Paul Have you removed the member? If not have them update their LFID and it should be reflected in PCC automatically.

Hey @Kenny_Paul,
When entering the company information for an individual contributor you can enter none in the company address as shown below and it should populate the company URL with and you should be able to label their job title as ‘Individual Contributor’

Some important things to note is if the member is using another email address make sure they have associated that email address or their alternative email address with their LFID.

@Kenny_Paul let me know if you got it configured or if run into any issues. :slight_smile:

reaching out to the committee member asking them to make an update.

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A better workaround than “none” would be the company “Individual - No Account” ( Please note this really is just a workaround/hack, but it does the correct thing in the backend, as this is treated in multiple places as an unaffiliated individual, unlike “none” or the many “individual” company entries.

Henry has already posted this but I’ll mention again, that in terms of being able to change company yourself, I’ve started a discussion on this over in Feedback for next iteration of committee/project user management. And in fact seeing that I didn’t mention anything about individual contributors, or making title optional, in that proposed spec, your feedback on those areas would be much appreciated!

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Thanks for the additional “Individual - No Account” workaround @emsearcy.