How do you associate an existing mailing list with an existing Committee?

I have Committees that were previously created/populated as a result of the original integration between Gio and SFDC. When I now go into PCC to clean up the committees it says they are not associated with a mailing list.

If I click the configure button and filling in the info there is a note at the bottom of the page that indicates a new list mailing list will be created. I don’t need to create a new list, I just need to map the committee to an existing list.

What is the magic incantation to do so?


Hello @Kenny_Paul! Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Yes you can associate your committees with existing mailing lists… no magic incantation necessary simply click your heels twice :face_with_hand_over_mouth:… or follow these steps:

Currently, this is only possible for and we plan to provide similar support for Google Groups/ Google Workspace in the next year.

You cannot connect the mailing list from the committees screen, but you can connect the committee from the mailing list screen.

Once you are on the mailing lists screen, click on the Members (count) in the mailing list screen. This will take you to a sort of reconciliation screen where you can see if there are any missing people from the committee who need to be subscribed, as well as seeing the individuals on the list not on the committee (the bottom table). Once “connected”, any new individual added to the committee will be subscribed to the list (if not already on it). Any individual removed from the committee will also be removed from the list if the list is marked as private … if it’s a public list (one anyone can subscribe to) we don’t remove individuals even if they are removed from the linked committee.

Let me know if this was helpful!
I’ll consider making a recipe going over the steps necessary in detail associating committees with existing or new mailing lists.

Again, welcome to the community Kenny :partying_face:


Ah! link it from the mailing list screen versus the committee screen. Got it! Thanks!


Thanks all!

Can you then bring in everyone on a newly associated list to the committee?

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Hi John—no, we don’t support any kind of a “create a committee from a mailing list membership” capability. Most likely, in the future we will look at adding a “bulk upload members to a committee from CSV file” sort of capability that could address multiple situations, including this one. We’ve captured this in a PCC feature wishlist.

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Hey John, what are you trying to do? Set up a committee in a mailing list tool instead of the committee tool? I don’t get this. Help me understand the use case.

Hey Jim - thinking about this more and spending time building a few committees in LFX, this might be something more one-time when you are bringing a community into using PCC versus ongoing. Thanks for checking back.

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