Adding committee members from an existing mail list

AGL has committee mail lists set up in I created the Steering Committee in PCC and associated the existing mail list to it. Now I would like to add everyone on the mail list to the committee. Is there a way to do this other than searching for members one at a time on the committee screen?

Side question. We have a number of working groups that share the same mail list. Can I associate multiple groups with the same mail list?


Hi @Walt_Miner welcome to our community :wave:

yes there is :slight_smile: , you can add everyone by submitting a CSV file of names roles and email addresses to our LFX support team.

I also believe you can associate the mailing list with the committee from the mailing list screen, although I am not 100% sure that adds everyone from the mailing list to the committee.

@Stephan_Ebers or @emsearcy may be able to confirm if this is the functionality.

Good question, unfortunately at this time we can not :frowning: . But good news is we’re collecting community feedback and restructuring our roadmap, and this is now logged :wink: .

Can you expound on which committees you have associated with the same mailing list?

I would love the ability to ‘promote’ mailing list members to the committee. It would make management easier and enable people to self-register.

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