Have a committee associated with multiple lists

There are a couple of use-cases here:

  • For TAC and TSC members, there is often both a public discussion list and a private discussion list, which TAC and TSC members should be subscribed to both.
  • Many of our projects additionally will a legal committee list, which the participant is the Governing Board representative along with their general counsel
  • Our projects will often have a ‘members’ list for discussion and announcement; it would be good to automatically have an organization’s TAC, Marketing/Outreach, and Governing Board representatives on that list as well.

Hey @John_Mertic you can associate a committee with multiple lists, you would have to go to mailing lists described in this topic: How do you associate an existing mailing list with an existing Committee? - Get LFX Tool Help / LFX Project Control Center [BETA] - LFX Community Forums

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Nice! Thanks for sharing that - super helpful!

What about the use-case of ensuring every Governing Board, TAC, and Marketing Committee member are on the members list?


Hi John,

For the case of assigning multiple committees to a single list, that is on our roadmap and will be coming at a future date.


Awesome - that would be amazing!

Hey John, just out of curiosity, what do you use the member list for? I have talked to many community leads about this and suggest that if it is a newsletter or update communication that Hubspot may be the better tool for that form of communication. I am happy to show you how that works. You can do it right from your email client. :slight_smile:

Hey @Jim_Zemlin - it’s true that Hubspot would be more ideal ( the primary use-case is announcements and other push notifications ). The challenge is that opt-out email setting for marketing emails from the LF gets in the way here, and thus members miss getting important member-related emails ( example, GB elections ).

I think a solution here could be…

  1. More granularity around opt-outs
  2. Specific clarity to members who are the primary contact for a particular role ( voting, technical, marketing, etc ) on the impacts of opt-ing out of member communications and if they do wish to them making sure there is somewhere those messages could get directed to.

Let me know if this helps…


Please schedule a time with me to go over the difference between marketing email and transactional email. There are already settings in Hubspot (or any other CRM tool for that matter) that make a distinction between the two. This is a VERY common misunderstanding people have and the two solutions you pointed out have been standard in email deliverability tools for years. Opt out isn’t getting in the way here, it is the reverse, opt out is required for marketing email and not required for transactional emails. This isn’t something I can teach you in the forum so please set up 30 minutes with me to walk you through it. :slight_smile:


Sure thing! Invite sent now. Thanks for taking the time to show this.