Feature request: teams

per Approve and Manage Contributors - Linux Foundation Documentation one of the ways CCLA managers can allowlist employees to be covered by the CCLA is by GitHub organization membership.

  1. A feature request from one of our members: authorize everyone from a particular Team in an organization, not the entire organization.

  2. I did a cursory look at GitHub’s API, wondering how we read a user’s organization, and I believe the only APIs that are there, are ones that only can show a user’s public organization memberships (those that they have chosen to share publicly): Publicizing or hiding organization membership - GitHub Docs – however, our documentation says “GitHub Organization allows contribution from anyone in that GitHub organization.” … this is a misleading statement, if we are only allowing public organization memberships to be used, it isn’t “anyone” in that GitHub organization. The documentation (and probably the app itself) could be updated, by saying something in the drop-down like “GitHub Organization public memberships”, and then the docs can explain the distinction and link out to this doc of GitHub’s that I shared here.

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Thanks for the find @emsearcy, @David_Deal & @sharan_kumar can you take a look into this? I’m assuming this is by design, is this something we want to relook at or simply update our documentation?

@Henry_Quaye I will check with David on this and update the documentation accordingly.