Ability to see the contributors/contributions from employees signed up with Corporate CLA

Hi Team,

I’m new to LMX, so please excuse if this is very basic.
A couple of employees from my org are contributing under Corporate CLA for CNCF.
I’ve the done association in cncf/gitdm. Their contributions are being attributed in devstats. However, company column is empty, and I think because of this I’m not able to get contribution metrics from my org in Org dashboard.
Can someone please educate me here, if any where else I need to define association github account to Company

Lalit Shukla


Hi @Lalit_Shukla welcome to the community✨.

No worries, and great question. Your employees will need to affiliate their contributions with your company on LFX Individual Dashboard, this can be done by simply linking a LinkedIn and accepting the affiliated company, or manually affiliating the company with the projects.

You can find out more here:

We’ll be releasing a video guide on this soon :slight_smile: .

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Looks pretty straight-forward in the description. Helpful.


Thank you @Henry_Quaye I’m not able to see the affiliations in my openprofile.dev login, even after contributions to the project. It is just reflecting no association found.

Hi @Lalit_Shukla have you connected your GitHub account? You will be able to confirm this in your Identities section.

Do you see your GitHub identity? If not you can also add your GitHub Identity here:

For more information check out our documentation here: Update Identities - Linux Foundation Documentation

Let me know if this helps :love_you_gesture:

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