EasyCLA Update Release Notes


EasyCLA Release Update
Over the past few weeks, we’ve been incrementally rolling out a collection of EasyCLA bug fixes and features. Here’s a quick summary:


  • Added Support for Optional Signing of DocuSign
  • Auto-Enable ECLA - We added a new Aunto-Enable feature to EasyCLA late last year. This feature allows the CLA Manager to authorize corporate contributors when adding users to the approval list. With this feature enabled, the employee acknowledgment is generated, allowing the contributor to be automatically authorized (bypassing the final GitHub to EasyCLA manual authorization step). This release builds upon those updates to handle historical data and additional API support. A new UI element will soon be added to the CLA Corporate Console to control this behavior. Until then, this feature can be enabled through a support ticket, filled out here: https://jira.linuxfoundation.org/plugins/servlet/desk/portal/4/create/143

Bug Fixes

  • GitLab support - Last year, GitLab changed its application integration permissions scheme (token refresh policy). This collection of releases resolves the integration issue and restores GitLab support.
  • CLA Corporate Console/API - added/updated Contributor Acknowledgments search and pagination support
  • CLA Corporate Console/API - added/updated Activity Log search and pagination support
  • CLA Corporate Console - remove the old company management features (now managed in the new Org Dashboard)
  • Resolved auth0 integration issues
  • CI/CD Updates + Library Updates to address vulnerabilities
  • API updates to support PCC CLA Group, Organization, and Repository views.