LFX profile doesn't allow overlapping contribution status

LFX profile doesn’t allow overlapping contributions - individual contributions and contributions associated with a company. I have a few of these overlaps and won’t be able to complete profile without this fixed.

Hello @Shuah_Khan welcome to the community :slight_smile: .

Interesting, how many projects are you simultaneously contributing affiliated with a company and as an individual contributor?

For the time being, I would recommend that you add the company affiliations in instances where you have an overlap for proper Insights and Org Dashboard data reflection.

A couple instances spanning a couple of years. I will see if I can make progress. This won’t be an unusual situation for open source developers working on projects on a volunteer basis on their own time which was the case for me.

Shuah, I don’t understand this. Do people contribute to the kernel as part of their job and then separately on their own? I know of very very few work-for-hire agreements that would allow for that. I am not saying they don’t exist but I want to understand the situation and if it is widespread.

Long story. When I was at HP, i had to go through their Open Source Program Office to give me permission to contribute to kernel. They allowed me with a condition that I can’t use their email or hardware resources or time to do so. During a period of 2 or so years I used my personal email and my weekends and holidays to contribute. Later I did contribute as part of official work. I have a period of overlap where I did both. My situation might be unusual and not widespread. – Not sure.

Jim, I can tweak my two periods and avoid overlap to get around this issue. I reported the problem just in case there are others in the community that might be in a similar situation.

This seems like a VERY rare case. Usually, a company will either have you work on the kernel and would want that to be covered in your employment agreement in which case the contributions are with the company. Or you are doing it in the evenings on your own time in agreement with the company that the work is owned by you. The simultaneous overlap case is to fringe to spends tons of time on it for now in my opinion. I don’t see this very often at all. Let me know if my thinking is correct here.

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I agree with you that we can defer this and not spend time on allowing overlap. It will be infrequent to have this kind of overlap on the same project.