Who can apply for crowdfunding and what it means


I’m representing AsyncAPI Initiative. We currently collect donations through Github and Open Collective. I was wondering it it is worth applying for LFX Crowdfunding too.

If we do:

  • will project be visible here https://lfx.linuxfoundation.org/participate/join-project/ ?
  • do you know if there are project that used Open Collective and at the same time Crowdfunding and that people donate to both?
  • is there some docs that explain how it works, how money can be spent, is it like with OC? that you submit invoice and where money should be paid?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Lukasz_Gornicki , nice to hear from you again!

I would say yes, especially if you plan on leveraging our mentorship program to attract new contributors to your Initiative.

This is a good question, @Chaitan do you know if all projects that leverage LFX Crowdfunding are represented in the join project link above?

I do not know if other projects use Open Collective alongside Crowdfunding specifically, but I do know projects utilize other solutions alongside Crowdfunding as well.

@Casey_Cain or @Kenny_Paul do either of you have any thoughts on leveraging another tool alongside LFX Crowdfunding?

Here’s some documentation: Manage Your Crowdfunding Account - Linux Foundation Documentation

and we also have video guides for crowdfunding here: LFX Crowdfunding Overview Slide Deck & Video Guides - Learn about LFX / Crowdfunding - LFX Community Forums

Hope this could be of help @Lukasz_Gornicki :slight_smile:

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Hi @Lukasz_Gornicki ,

I am the Program Manager for the OpenAPI Initiative. Nice to see you on here. We should catch up on AsyncAPI and OpenAPI sometime. :slight_smile: :wave:

I was looking into the use of LFX Crowdfunding for a different project (not OpenAPI, fwiw) and l learned the following:

  • LFX Crowdfunding budget has to be separated from the project’s general fund. That is why it is not included in the project financials for Linux Foundation projects.
  • The funds from LFX Crowdfunding only pay individuals, through the mechanism of Expensify.
  • LFX Crowdfunding is used for reimbursing individuals, not for paying invoices to companies.
  • However, there is no contract with any individual in anticipation of reimbursement in LFX. The person can pay for something, and then request to get reimbursed, but there is no contractual obligation.
  • LFX can not be used, for example, to pay for AWS cloud space for the project, like one might typically allocate through a project budget. We can’t pay companies directly, just individuals.
  • LFX can issue invoices for contributions greater than $10K. It is built into the GUI.
  • Restrictions on LFX Crowdfunding are based on rules for non-profits. Legal constraints.

This is my understanding based on some discussions with various LF people.

I hope this helps.



How long does one wait to get crowdfunding profile accepted?
We decided to give it a go, and I created it, but it says “pending approval” and there is no link to any page that would say more details.

Hello @Lukasz_Gornicki, good question. Maybe @Chaitan would be able to help us here?

This would be a good thing to have. I’ll bring this up with @ccr and our design team.

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Should I open some jira issue to clarify why it is taking so much time. Maybe I did something wrong?

Hello @Lukasz_Gornicki ,

Your Crowdfunding project is now published and available here: Crowdfunding

Thank you @Neal_Caidin and @Henry_Quaye for your support in answering the questions Lukasz had. I appreciate it.

Best Regards,


Thank you very much @Chaitan !

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