Post Mentorship: Graduate Mentee Guide

Greetings, Mentorship Graduates!
As a recent graduate of the LFX Mentorship program, you may be asking yourself now what? You are just starting your open source journey, and staying active in the community goes a long way in building your professional network and future hiring opportunities.

We encourage you to stay connected and build on your open source involvement in four ways:

1: Join this LFX Community Forum

The LFX Community is THE place to connect with the open source community, build relationships and share your story as an LF mentee. Join the LFX community and let your fellow mentees know what you learned, give a shout out to your mentor, or share your experience.

To become a member simply sign up here:

2: Invest in your career with LF training courses.

Organizations are eager to find and recruit new talent. Continue your open source career and gain marketable open source skills. The Linux Foundation offers many free training courses, in addition to respected certifications.

Check back in for an upcoming announcement from the training team you won’t want to miss!

Here’s alink to our free training courses: Resources- Linux Foundation - Training

3: Configure your LFX Individual Dashboard

The Individual Dashboard is your digital open source resume. Connect your GitHub and LinkedIn accounts and highlight your open source contributions.

The benefit of Individual Dashboard is that as you get more involved in open source, not only are your contributions highlighted, but your open source training and certifications, events, and community roles are highlighted as well. Show future hiring managers the full scope of your involvement with industry-leading open source communities.

Learn how

to configure your Individual Dashboard here: Individual Dashboard (MyProfile) - Linux Foundation Documentation

4: Get involved with your project’s committees/working groups

Project leaders are always looking for new contributors. Some of the LF projects hold open committee meetings to discuss the direction of the project technology. Ask to join committee meetings as an observer to get more involved.

Being an observer is a fantastic resume builder and will help build your professional network. Reach out to your project mentor and ask how you can get involved in committee/working group meetings.

These are just a few things you can do post mentorship program. We would love to know how you are continuing to stay engaged in your open source communities.

Hit REPLY and share! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great tips on how LFX mentees can continue to build on their open source involvement and stay connected @Jen_Shelby!

I’m excited to hear how graduated mentees are doing post mentorship!

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Very good post! One thing that might be cool to do is add some sort of badge or ribbon for graduated mentees so they can showcase that in their forum participation.

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@John_Mertic - great idea. let us work on that.


This should be fairly simple as Discourse has an API where you can grant badges. So we create the badges inside of Discourse, and then LFX triggers it.

See this post for more details.

@John_Mertic this is a great idea, we can create mentee badges within the community and then work with our devs to see if we can integrate these badges within LFX dashboards.

It would also be great for program administrators or mentors to create badges for mentees as well which could be reflected within LFX.

Cool! We have badges issued via Credly for both Open Mainframe Project mentors and mentees - not sure if something like that can be integrated or not.

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@Brandon_Wick - do you know if we have an LF account with Credly or does each group create separately?

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Training has an account @Jen_Shelby - chat with them.


:ok_hand:t4:, thank you @John_Mertic

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This is great, where is it found on the website so I can send out to past Mentees! Also do we provide anything to individuals who applied but did not get a mentorship?


Hello @Megan_Lehn we are working with our training program, to offer mentee applicants who did not get a mentorship training discount codes :slight_smile:

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