May anyone answer these queries of mine?

I have following queries regarding LFX projects:

  • How to search for projects by Language preference ? For eg I want to contribute to Rust lang projects
  • How to see when a project become part of Linux Foundation ?
  • I have seen some projects and organizations which have $0 crowdfunding and expenses so does these organizations provide stipends to their mentees ?
  • Any tip to get selected in any program ?

In the current version of mentorship platform, global skill searches are not possible, unless the mentorship program has the skill listed in the name. V2 of platform has global searching.

Not sure of what you mean by “project becomes part of Linux Foundation”…we make regular announcements via our newsletter and Press releases of new projects joining the foundation.

Projects with “0” raised are not able to pay stipends to mentees


how can I join the newsletter or see the press releases ?

Where I can see the total raised amount on mentorship profile ?


For every mentorship card, there is a corresponding crowdfunding card (there is a button to “View Crowdfunding” on the mentorship page details. You will see the amount of money raised there.

Generally the money comes in right at the start of the mentorship after applications have been accepted.


Hello @Rishabh_Raghwendra you can also sign up for our newsletters here: Newsletter - LFX Tools | Linux Foundation

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