Are LFX donations tax-deductible in case they are collected by a non-profit?

The LFX terms state: Unless otherwise explicitly specified by The Linux Foundation, your donation will not be tax-deductible under United States federal taxation laws

We are hosting a project at the LFX crowd funding platform. The donations applied to LFX are collected by our US registered non-profit. Does that mean that the donations at LFX are then tax-deductible? If not, do plans exist for tax-deductible donations? (some more instructions on how to achieve that would be great)

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Hi @Max_Parzen welcome to the community :slight_smile: , I’ll check on this for you, and respond back here.

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At least for the US, in order for donations to be tax-deductable, the organization receiving the donation must be a 501c3 entity. Generally, open-source projects and foundations hosted at the Linux Foundation are set up as 501c6 entities, which would allow tax-deductable donations.

Other countries have different laws are regulations so you’d want to reviiew with tax authorities in those jurisdictions for further guidance.


Thanks @John_Mertic , it seems that the LFX donations are then also tax-deductible for our project: Crowdfunding (the University of Edinburgh is registered as 501c3 in US)