What are the questions and answers that maintainers, contributors and organisations need to know?

Hello everyone :wave: - I’m James, FINOS Director of Community, and this is my first forum post. It’s great to meet everyone.

Right now, I’m exploring the features of LFX and will be asking … “What are the questions and answers that maintainers, contributors and organisations need to know?”

As I journey through LFX, I’ll keep this post updated so we can learn together. I’ll make sure to provide the questions and where the answers can be found.

Feel free to add your own learning, thoughts and comments to this post so we can move forward together.

James :rocket:


Welcome to the LFX Community James! This is a great topic. I look forward to see the contributions to this topic, as well as posting some of my own.

Hello James and again welcome to the community :wave: It’s great to meet you :partying_face:!

Amazing question! And great idea! We have made “recipes” detailing various use cases around LFX, but I believe clarifying who the question belongs to is a great idea.

Project Maintainers:

Who are my most active contributing companies this month or this quarter?

  • You can find this on Insights following the post link above.

  • Also note that you can filter the time range for project data on Insights:


How much did we actively contribute to projects that we have memberships for this year?

  • We can find this information following the above recipe on LFX Organization Dashboard.

  • You can also find more detailed organization contribution data for a project using LFX Insights. By including the organization name filter located inside the technical metrics for a project shown below.

From my various discussions with several project maintainers the contribution data in Insights is and Organization Dashboard is frequently used. So understanding how to quickly find it may be useful :handshake:


How do I ensure my affiliation or contribution data is properly represented?

It is important we make sure to start with setting up and configuring your LFX Community Profile.

  • Create Community Profile Here
  • Login Here
  • Be sure to connect to your organization and affiliated projects
  • Your community profile account is 9 times out of 10 necessary for Insights and Organization Dashboard data validation, affiliation, and access.

Project Maintainers

How do you ensure your board members receive proper affiliation between Insights and Organization Dashboard?

  • It is important as project maintainers to ensure they have set up their committees so that your members receive proper affiliation across tools such as Insights and Organization Dashboard.
  • follow the post linked above for instructions on how to do this on PCC.

Project Maintainers

How do I begin using LFX Security for my project?

  • To begin using LFX Security with projects you must first connect your repositories to the LFX Security Bot, shown in the “recipe” link above in the question :slight_smile: .

These questions have come up in a few discussions I have had with various project maintainers, but I would love to know what other questions maintainers, contributors, or organizations all may have?

Are most of your questions based on general functionality, specific use cases, or access to tools?