What defines a top contributor?

Happy Friday everyone :man_dancing:,

The holidays are approaching, and we have all been busy finishing up projects, building reports, or even benchmarking for the new year… yet we continue to contribute!

As project maintainers, leads, contributors, or supporting organizations, we all may contribute in various ways for separate immediate reasons.

Here are a few prompts, based on your role please answer…

1. As a project maintainer, in determining top contributors using the Community Leaderboard on Insights, which metric would you filter? :thinking:

  • Code (Commits/ Lines of Code)
  • Pull Request (reviewed/ merged)
  • Issue management (submitted/ resolved)
  • Confluence (Documentation)

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2. As an affiliate or OSPO for a supporting organization, on Organization Dashboard as it is now, you can view your employee contribution leaderboards by commits in your dashboard over all your contributing LF-hosted projects…

…would you deem another contribution metric of higher value for choosing your top contributors?

  • No, commit contributions are sufficient.
  • Yes.

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If you selected yes, please respond and share what metric you would prioritize and why?

In Organization Dashboard you can rank contributors in your organization by other metrics, as shown below, for a specific project, in ‘Project Contributors’.

3. As a contributor, if you were viewing a project’s technical metrics which overview would you select to determine top contributors?

  • Commit overview
  • Pull Requests Management overview
  • Issue Management overview

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Let’s have fun during the weekend ahead of us, join in, vote, and discuss!

From your perspective which contribution metric do you prioritize most in defining top contributors?