Tungsten Fabric

Hello all,
I’d like to know more about TF (tungsten fabric) or contrail.
I’ve read a lot of topics about this project. First of all, I want to install and integrate with my openstack (ussuri) as it’s possible for this version of Openstack.

I cannot find any install guide how to do it.

The most docs are really old.

I’ve tried to install Tungsten fabric as a CNI for Kubernetes – i got wrong – all manifests are too old to use.

Is anybody know about this project ? Has anybody installed Tungsten fabric ?

Thank you in advance

Best regards,

Hello @Aliaksei_Vashkevich welcome to our community :cowboy_hat_face:.

So I checked the community Leaderboard for Tungsten Fabric using LFX Insight’s community leaderboard here: Insights (linuxfoundation.org)

And I found who works on their documentation, by sorting their community members by confluence. In hopes that maybe some of their community members can help you here.

I saw that @Casey_Cain is a contributor to their documentation, @Casey_Cain is there anyway you can help @Aliaksei_Vashkevich with his question, or could you steer him in the right direction?


Hi @Aliaksei_Vashkevich,

If you’re having trouble with your Tungsten Fabric install, please consider also asking your question on the Tungsten Fabric discussion mailing list (discuss@lists.tungsten.io) or our community Slack channel.

I will also reach out to our documentation team concerning your feedback. Please let me know if there is any specific questions that I may be able to help you with or if you have any additional feedback.


Thank you very much! I’ll try. Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

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