Time between mail forwarder creation and usability

When a new email forwarder is created via PCC how long is it before that alias can be used to send mail to?


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Hello @Kenny_Paul great question, sorry for the delay getting back to you on here. @emsearcy or @jme are any of you able to assist with this question?

Hi Kenny, new forwards, or changes to the recipients on existing forwards, are expected to take effect immediately.

Enabling the Emailing Forwarding service for the first time can add an additional 5 minute delay (technically, this is due to possibility that DNS caches have cached a “negative response” for the email service for this domain).

When you first register a domain, or if you transferred in a domain using 3rd-party Delegated DNS Hosting, and you switch it to PCC Managed DNS Hosting (needed to enable email forwarding), it may take up to 24 hours for global propagation of NS server configuration.

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