The Sizzle Real of the Summer

Hello everyone :cowboy_hat_face:,

Today’s software development doesn’t exist without open source. As highlighted in a recent article by VentureBeat, maintaining today’s software and future software will depend on our ability to expand our collaboration with the community and help grow it. Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) is just one example. ASWF is one of my favorite open source projects, as I am a sucker for great visually appealing films, shows, and graphics :laughing:.

Check out this fantastic showreel by Emily showcasing how a few recent films and shows have leveraged the code from projects hosted on Academy Software Foundation.

ASWF’s Health

Maintaining a good flow of contributions is a crucial metric for determining the health of any project. Leveraging LFX Insights we can see that ASWF has maintained 420 active contributors within the year. Contributors performing code activity (commits/PRs/changesets) or submitting and resolving bugs within the last 1 year are active code contributors.

Using Insights we can also see that the average time for pull requests to be merged to the main branch of this project was 1.1 days over the past year.

Impact and Quality

The data and metrics show the health of the project, and the showreel shows the impact the project has made on our world today!

Congratulations to ASWF for your impact in the media/entertainment field and for showcasing your story. Thanks to Emily for sharing.

We’d love to highlight your project as well. Let us know what you are working on.