Technical Contributions not detected for GitHub mirrors?

Hi Team!

I noticed after I connected my GitHub account in my Individual Dashboard that the contributions for the projects hosted in GitHub were properly populated.

However for projects like ONAP/O-RAN/Linux Foundation repos where the project is hosted in Gerrit but has a GitHub mirror, the contributions were not populated.

Is this intentional, do we internally filter out GitHub projects acting as mirrors so that they are not part of the contribution statistics?

Also, will there be any conflicts if we connect both GitHub and Gerrit accounts and both try to pull the contributions for ONAP for example? (In ONAP the code is hosted in Gerrit but we mirror it into GitHub)

Thanks a ton!

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Hi @Jessica_Wagantall ! Great question, @ProdMgrs can anyone assist here?

I know there are several members of ONAP and other LFN projects that use Gerrit and GitLab as main source controls, with GitHub mirrors.

I also want to confirm if we are planning on including GitLab to LFX.

@Jessica_Wagantall @Henry_Quaye Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, we are looking into it.

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No worries @Nirav_Patel, thank you for your response.

Hi, I am facing a similar issue, but with GitHub contributions. When I connect my GitHub account, I get this message and the GitHub contributions made to CNCF / Linux Foundation projects are not populated. Am I missing something here?