Feature Request: Clean URLs for myorg.lfx.dev

When I log into myorg.lfx.dev I usually get dumped into some company like say Amazon and then I go into the search box and change the org to “Google” I get this URL:

This is just not shareable in any fashion, ideally have something like “LFX” would be great

Hi @cra :wave: , this is a good point. @Chaitan or @ProdMgrs is there any reasoning for the URL being set to myorg.lfx.dev/dashboard ?

Hi @cra , thank you for the feedback. The initial idea when it was first designed/launched was perhaps not focussed on the “sharing” functionality. We have work items in our product backlog focussed on sharing, specifically, reports and I have included this requirement for “url sharing” in our product backlog.

Is there a way to prioritize this? it makes it really hard to share URLs with folks. Use URLs instead of session

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Howdy, folks! I’d like to give this a huge +1. If there’s any way this can implement REST-style endpoints (ex. /member/google/) so that we can use LFX as a reference tool, it’ll be much more helpful to teams (and members) within the CNCF.

Right now, I cannot reference LFX pages with my internal team.

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Hi @onlydole welcome to our community.

I believe having a way to share specific links to the dashboards on Organization Dashboard will be important.

Quick question, do you have external members that have access to Organization Dashboard and are currently checking the tool?

I ask because I believe internally we have access to multiple Organizations but external users will only have access to their organization.

@Chaitan can this be added to our roadmap? I have submitted the idea under here: Under consideration - LFX Product Roadmap for Projects | Product Roadmap (productboard.com)

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Howdy, Henry!

I don’t have any external members currently using the organization dashboard. I have some feature requests for that context that I’ll open up other threads for.

Thank you for your help, and I’m happy to meet to discuss more.

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@onlydole got it, thank you :slight_smile:

Sounds good, create a thread on any of your requests and we can discuss and have our devs take a look into it.

Hi @cra, @onlydole,

This capability of URL sharing has been scoped in and included in our roadmap for execution. I don’t have the exact timeline yet but as soon as I have it, I shall come back to you on this. Thank you for your suggestions and patience with me on this.


Best Regards,
Product Management

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