Search Active Community Contributor board by Email id

Active Community Contributor board returns results when I search by Author Name or Organization. However, when I search by Email Id, it yields “No results found”.

Can this be added?

Or if not, potentially update the help text “Search within Contributor Board” to read “Search by Name or Organization”??


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Hello, @Brett_Preston, not everyone who accesses the Active Community Contributor board has access to contributor email details.

On the Active Community Contributor board, only administrators for that project can view or search by email. Check to make sure that you are logged in with your LFX Community Profile account that is associated as an administrator for the project.

You can find more details in the following documentation:

Once you search by Author Name are you able to view contributor emails at all?

Hi @sgupta, @Brett_Preston is an administrator for RISC-V and is able to view their contributor’s email information on the Active Community Contributor board, but when he searches by email he is getting “No results found” can you assist here?

Hi @Brett_Preston it looks like search by email address is broken on the Community Leaderboard, however search for an organization or name is working. We are going to get this fixed soon.



Thank you for your quick attention on this @sgupta and thank you for bringing this to our attention @Brett_Preston