Understanding "Contributor Strength" vs "Active Contributors"

Hi folks. I need your help to understand why I see different total number between “Contributor Strength” vs “Active Contributors”.

My project is “AsyncAPI”
Time I check: Nov 18, 2016 - Oct 13, 2022

“Contributor Strength” shows 1K total contributors. I understand from linked docs that these are all folks, doing PRs, issues, reviews, comments.
“Active Contributors” shows 1.32K total active contributors. And this is what confuses me. How come there can be more active contributors than total contributors. Generally the “total” should not be show here IMHO. It makes sense to show how many active contributors were there per year, but showing total is confusing. Or I just do not get something

Thanks for help in advance

Hello @Lukasz_Gornicki I know @sgupta addressed the difference between active contributors and drifting away contributors here: How are ‘Active’ and ‘Drifting Away’ contributors computed? And when does a drifting contributor become completely inactive? - Learn about LFX / LFX Insights - LFX Community Forums

@Lukasz_Gornicki Quick question, when you were seeing more active contributors over total contributors, do you remember what your time filter was?

Upon checking myself, I see for 1 year you have 1k total contributors and 754 active conributors.

Ahh when I changed the time filter to the past 5 years, I see the information you saw where it shows Active contributors in this time span as 1.3K and total as 1k, @sgupta can you clarify this data?

@Lukasz_Gornicki Thanks for bringing this issue to light and we have confirmed that it is a bug in the backend API. We have taken this a SEV-1 bug since it directly affects the data being reported. The current SLA to get this fixed and validated around 3 days. However, we will keep you updated as we make progress to fix the issue.


Thank you @sgupta !

Awesome! Happy to help improve new insights. It is great stuff that you’re doing!!!

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fyi, the issue is fixed, data aligned, and cool stuff is I see even higher number now :smile:

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