Purchase order processing time by Linux Foundation

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but i am desperate.

I got sponsored to purchase the LFS207 and LFCS exam and i have made the payment 4 days ago but i do not have a confirmation of payment yet from Linux Foundation. If i do not receive the confirmation by the end of the day today i am gonna loose the sponsorship.

I opened a ticket 4 days ago but still no resolution. Ticket number TCCS-64835.

This is really important to me because there is no other way i can afford to pay for this course.
If someone that works in support sees this, please give me a hand.

I deeply apologise if this forum is not intended for this kind of posts.

Since i do not have permission to delete my post i am leaving an update.
The problem was resolved from the wonderfull support at Linux Foundation.

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