Cyber-Monday Bait-n-Switch Deal

Hello, I purchased the “Powerbundle-LFCA and LFCS”. This was to include

Power Bundle

Fundamentals of Open Source IT and Cloud Computing (LFS200)
Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate (LFCA)
Linux System Administration Essentials (LFS207)
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)

But for the LFCA and I cannot access the class, only the registration for the exam. How do I access the classes before the exams?

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LFCA is an Exam and not a “class”. Most of the trainings of the recommended learning paths for LF Exams are available for free. You have to check the learning path for LFCA at to find the trainings in the course list to subscribe. Most of the free trainings (I can’t say if all, as I only took a few) are hosted at edX for self-paced mode.

Hope I could help.


Thanks for assisting here @ghoeller I believe you are correct,

@Brian_Sharp are there any specific classes you are looking for that aren’t free?