My CKA exam was cancelled for no valid reason


I have scheduled a CKA exam for december 9th at 8 am cairo/egypt time.

I have registered using the name Adel Ahmed, but the proctor refused the name on my passport which was also ‘Adel Ahmed’, he refused to give me a reason or help me out in anyway, I opened the LF exam portal and showed him that the registered name was Adel Ahmed but he insisted that it did not match my passport name(this is all in the exam recording, please refer back to it for more clartification).

this is the second time my exam gets cancelled due to a reason on Linux foundation’s side, I need help in rescheduling the exam and not losing an exam attempt for the second time

I have opened a ticket with linux foundation with the following ID:


Hello @Adel_Ahmed very sorry to hear about your issues with the exam.

I would say this sounds strange, I haven’t heard of others having this issue but due to the PII in this instance, the best way to handle this would be through your training ticket. They should be able to assist you with this.

Sorry, and best of luck with your certification, keep us up to date on how this gets mitigated :love_you_gesture:

if by PII you mean PSI, then they have already told me that I need to take this up with linuxfoundation and there is nothing they can do from their side.
if not please please let me know by what PII is and what a training ticket is


Hello Henry,

I’m having alot of issues at work due to the delay in certification and would appreciate it if you can help me.
I have a ticket opened but nobidy had been assigned to this ticket for a while now: