LFX Meetings Management - Suggestions / Questions

We’re excited for the new features available in LFX PCC Meetings Management. Let’s use this topic to ask questions and provide some suggestions on how to make it even better.

Can the text “Thanks to your LF Account, you get the following benefits…” be changed to “Your LF Account allows you to…”


Can we add the Linux Foundation logo on this page? This will help external meeting participants recognize this is a meeting organized by the LF.


When an admin makes an update to a meeting (series), please present the option if an email notification should be sent to the meeting participants or not. This is a pretty standard feature for calendar management. There are many occasions when we don’t necessarily need to send an email notification in order to cut down on email volumes. Meeting admin can decide on a case-by-case basis if an email notification needs to be sent to participants. Thanks!


Just wanted to clarify that the email is also how the user’s calendar is updated to reflect the change. Within a corporate setting, you can see updates to colleagues calendars without sending emails. For external meeting participants, if you choose “no” for sending an update (even with Google Calendars), that means the other parties have no way of knowing that you updated the description, schedule, etc.

If we add something like this, we’d probably want a clear warning to the users that this isn’t just “don’t send the email” but it’s kind of like “don’t notify participants about this change + don’t sync the change to their calendars”. (Though registered participants can still see the change in Individual Dashboard, even if it’s not reflected in their personal/corporate calendar.)

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Great suggestions @Min_Yu and @walicki , adding @ccr for visibility

How does a person gain the ability to schedule meetings? I’m in the Open Horizon project. I created a Committee for one of our Working Groups, then added a person with the role of Chair. That was apparently not enough for them to be able to browse the project page in PCC, nor for them to schedule meetings for their Working Group.


Hi @Joe.Pearson, please file a ticket at https://jira.linuxfoundation.org/plugins/servlet/desk/portal/4/create/358 requesting access to meetings in PCC.


Thanks for making this change. Appreciate the prompt update


Thanks for adding the Powered by LF logo


Now that the Join Meeting page says “Your LF Account allows you to…”, I wonder if “LF Account” should be a hot spot link to https://openprofile.dev ? The page tells me about the benefits of an LF id, take me there !

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Hi all, yes, it would normally show you the link if you are not logged in already with an LF Account.

We will however look at all the scenarios again and potentially improve the flow. Thanks

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Ooo - Nice. I like the “Create LF Account” button.
When the person has an account, it would be helpful to make the “LF Account” a link to openprofile.dev so they can visit their profile.

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@jme Jordan, is it purely a matter of opening a ticket to give a community member the perms to schedule meetings? (outside of one of us getting them trained up of course) :wink:

If so, I’ve got a laundry list of community members to grant meeting scheduling permissions to! Should all of those be in one one ticket per Project, or individual tickets per person?

We’ve found that there are no role based permissions yet. Community members will be able to modify any committee meeting and members under that Project. Trust who you grant access to.

Thanks @walicki that was last that I had heard also. We’ll continue to wait for the role based perms.

We do have a meetings-coordinator role that is meant only for scheduling, modifying meetings and inviting users. That being said, they wouldn’t be able to use that role to modify committee members even on projects they have meetings permissions on. It can be applied on a per-project basis.

and that capability is there today?

Yes, that role has existed for some time. It’s not currently widely used though.

This is exactly what we need. Thanks!