Mentors submitting Mentorships direct into LFX

Currently we have mentors submit their mentorship proposals into a google doc and then once they are selected we copy and paste the content to the best of our abilities into the platform. Looking forward to being able to bypass this step and having it all within LFX from the get go!


+1 This same scenario was problematic for LFN as well as it created process and communication bottlenecks. Starting with data entry directly in LFX and then having a some mechanism for approved / rejected after a project committee review would be ideal.


I think this is an interesting suggestion, @Megan_Lehn.

Peeling it back a little further, how do you think these mentoring proposals could best work in LFX? It sounds like skipping the Google Doc would save some work, but are there other elements that would be helpful to optimize too?


Great further question @jonobacon ! First if the mentor submitted directly into the program I would have all the information I need in one place and yes it would save me a fair amount of time, plus LFX would have all the details in one place, including people who are interested in being a mentor. Then if there was also a way for our team (RISC-V) to vote on the proposed mentorships and with that provide feedback to the proposing mentor or just put our notes into the submission that would be great. This would also allow us to go back to proposed mentorships from previous submissions to see if any that were high numbered but didn’t get selected could be used for the next semester. I love the idea of seeing our teams ratings and clicking a button that says approved, again saving me a lot of time! Oh and also a way to automatically say thanks but you were not selected to all those projects not selected.


Hey, @Megan_Lehn, great suggestions. So it sounds like there are the following components to your suggestion:

  1. Mentors submit directly into the program in LFX.
  2. The team being able to vote on applications in LFX.
  3. The team being able to provide feedback on applications in LFX.
  4. Reviewing previous submissions with high rankings for future programs.

How would you rank these four elements in terms of what is most critical from 1 (least important) to 10 (most important)?

Thanks for your suggestion! :love_you_gesture:

#1 is a 10
#2 is a 5
#3 is a 3
#4 is a 8

You got it!


Hello @Megan_Lehn, thank you for the recommendations! I have taken note of your requests and I’ll be sure to relay this to the Mentorship product management team.

@Kenny are you referring to PCC or Mentorship here?


@Henry_Quaye LFX Mentorship


I agree with @Megan_Lehn 's rankings

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Thank @Megan_Lehn and @Kenny_Paul - great to hear your feedback!

I thought of something else… there are more questions we ask in our mentor submission process and I think that would be very helpful for the mentee to better understand the mentorship as well as what is being asked of them.

Learning Objectives
Expected Outcome
Relation to project
Education level expected
Future plans


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Hey @Megan_Lehn, great points regarding additional questions for our mentee application process.

One of LFX Mentorship’s focus right now is finding ways to best engage mentees after their mentorship program. I believe understanding their expected outcome and future plans will be great additions to the application process. I’ll also be sure to relay this to the Mentorship product team.

This could also be beneficial information to have when suggesting LF Training courses to our mentees. Both benefits will rely on how we store data from our application process.

I’ll be sure to relay this to the Mentorship product team, @Chaitan any thoughts regarding this conversation?

I love this idea of following up with Mentees after the mentorship, Id LOVE to be included in conversations and happy to help. I tried to get all those who applied to get more involved and sent an email out to everyone who applied to be a mentee last semester and sent them links to our free trainings, upcoming travel scholarships and more.

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