LFX Mentorship - managing Outreachy, GSoC, etc

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you how the Enarx project is using LFX Mentorship. We not only want to manage mentorships provided through LFX, but we are also using the tool itself to manage other initiatives like Outreachy and Google Summer of Code (GSoC):

Happy to share ideas and tips on this regard.

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P.S.: We are looking for mentors and invited speakers. Please get in touch if interested!

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Great write-up @NickVidal!
LFX Mentorship is a great way to give back and develop new potential talent.

To make the most of your program once your mentees have completed the program has CNCF thought of some ways to keep mentees engaged after?

I wish we had a mentorship program as developed as CNCF’s! :slight_smile:

But we hope to create a mentorship program where mentees become mentors, thus creating a virtuous cycle.

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@NickVidal Congratulations on Enrax’s first Mentorship program! :partying_face:

@Megan_Lehn brought up a great point in her topic here:

If we can better understand the future plans for our mentees, we can cultivate a stronger relationship with them. We are working on developing an LFX Mentorship and LF Training partnership to offer discount codes for training material that may be of interest to mentees. So offering discount codes and free training material to mentees can be a great way to keep in touch!

Another great way to possibly build relations with graduating mentees and even attract future mentors for your project is holding a Mentorship showcase event. Highlighting your mentee experience and accomplishments with other contributors or partners associated with your project.

LFX is holding a mentorship showcase using LFX Events on the 12th and this is great for highlighting mentees and also potentially attracting future mentors.

If you have time, I would definitely signup for the showcase!

From your efforts and our few conversations, I have a good feeling your program be great Nick!

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Thanks @Henry_Quaye, looking forward to the LFX Mentorship Showcase!

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My pleasure @NickVidal and likewise!

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