Tracking LFX Mentorship issue discussion


I’m opening this discussion to track a couple of issues we’ve had with the LFX Mentorship platform.

We are late opening project applications for mentees for the current CNCF term: LFX Mentorship '23 Term 01 March - May · Discussion #763 · cncf/mentoring · GitHub

We’ve had two critical systems failures in two days:

  • An LFX Mentoring platform UI update removed the ability to enroll new projects in the system.
    • This has been corrected. Can we build in tests to prevent this sort of bug in the future?
  • Our reimbursement system is currently not allowing administrators to log in with the correct permissions, preventing LFX crew from going through their process of approving projects.

Hi @Nate_Waddington ,

All of CNCF’s New Mentorship Programs have now been published on the LFX Mentorship Platform. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

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Hi @Chaitan, Thanks so much for you and your team’s help with this!

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In case anyone winds up here looking for the set of projects accepting applications for the CNCF LFX mentorship 2023 term1 Mar-May semseter, you can find the list here: mentoring/lfx-mentorship/2023/01-Mar-May at main · cncf/mentoring · GitHub