Meeting Recording Link and Lifetime


I recently participated in a meeting which was hosted on the new LFX shared Zoom. Just a couple of question (or feedback) from my experience as an end-user:

  • I really couldn’t find an obvious link to where the recording is being published at the Individual Dashboard over on I somehow found the link at, although I forgot where I found it… Maybe this can be made easier to find?

  • Is there any lifetime to the recording? Would it be something we can embed in a meeting notes and expect it to still be available decades later, or should we just download it and made it available elsewhere?

  • Is there a way for someone who signed up at the link late to access recordings of past meeting without asking the project staff or other attendees? (e.g. can someone who register for a recurring meeting today see last week’s recording)



Hi @hartanto nice to hear from you and great feedback as an end-user!
We have been focused on making joining the meetings as simple as possible, so I’m glad you didn’t have any issues joining the meeting. Now onto phase two… the UI :sweat_smile: haha, thank you for your comments!

@hartanto quick question for you from your perspective was it fairly simple to register and join the meeting, and what calendar do you use?

We can work on the UI to change the messaging on past recordings. Right now you can find meeting information, and recordings and transcripts of past meetings in the ‘My Calendar’ section.

@hartanto do you have any suggestions on what could make it easier to find, would it be better to name this page ‘My Meetings’ over ‘My Calendar’?

I know zoom meeting recordings expire in 120 days I will check on the lifespan of our recordings and get back to you on this. @emsearcy do you know if our recordings have a lifetime?

@emsearcy correct me if I am wrong, but I believe If you sign up for a recurring meeting you will receive the upcoming recurring meeting recordings if enabled by the project administrator. You would not see the past recordings for that recurring meeting.

I do not know if many people would want to automatically have recordings for previous recordings on a recurring meeting appear automatically on their profile. My thought is say someone joins a recurring meeting after a year or 2, would they necessarily want 2 years worth of weekly meetings :sweat_smile:. I can see a use case for both ways.

Out of curiosity what’s your use case here?

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@Henry_Quaye @hartanto

Our meeting recordings do not have a lifespan and do not expire.


Great! Thank you @jme.

@sharan_kumar we should include this in our documentation for Individual Dashboard. We do not have any content on ‘My Calendar’ or how to view past meeting recordings in Individual Dashboard.

In my opinion, they are simple to register, mainly because I had an LFX ID before. For calendar, I’m using Google Calendar.

Huh, I can’t see a My Calendar section on my Individual Dashboard… That’s weird… Let me try another browser and see how it goes.

EDIT: Tested it on Chrome v102 and Edge v101… Same result, can’t see a My Calendar section.

Re: previous meetings, my use case is more towards having access to past public TSC/TAC meeting. While some projects do wrote meeting minutes, not all do, and it will be valuable for people new to the project to get access to the recording to catch up with the latest news on the meeting.


@hartanto hmmm… this is strange… did you see it before?

I just logged in and I can see ‘My Calendar’

I would suggest submitting a ticket to our LFX support team.
To look into your account.

Ahh got it, I think it’s a good idea we may have something capable for projects to share public meeting recordings to their community with our new coming community management tool. I’m learning more about it this week, but @sgupta would this be something our community management tool would be able to do?


I have never seen it before. Will open a ticket. Thanks, Henry!

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