Experience using Meeting Management for the first time

We took the plunge and used the Meeting Management feature within the LFX Project Control Center for the first time. I will say overall the experience went well; just few minor hiccups…

  1. We have several attendees that are Outlook users, and they reported that the invite did not get added automatically to their calendar; they have to manually add it. One Apple Mail.app user reported the same. A few Google Mail users had the invites added to their calendar automatically.
  2. There was an issue where the host privileges weren’t granted to the host upon login; luckily we could put the host key in to claim them, but a bit of an annoyance.
  3. Note that meetings are recorded by default now until the feature to enable/disable them is added; some meetings recordings aren’t appropriate for so you’ll want to end the recording if that is your situation.

Still waiting for the attendee report ( says that takes 24-48 hours ), but all-in-all a real positive experience in using the tool. I’m going to try working with some of my other private committees over the coming weeks.


I also tried the Meeting Management tool in one of my projects, and seemed like overall it went well. I posted information about this in a different thread, but I’m not sure how to link threads so I will re-post and add a little more context.

So, first of all, I made the meeting private, and attached with a groups.io committee (I think this is a requirement?) Then I realized that we have folks drop in on this meeting who might not be on the list, so I made it public.

We have an automated Slack bot that shares the link to the meeting 15 minutes before it starts. But it had the link from the existing legacy Zoom accounts for the project. Therefore I posted not to use that link, and I posted my Zoom link instead. But the funny thing about that is that since the links are personalized (which I didn’t realize), everyone who used the link I provided was “Neal Caidin” when they logged into Zoom! It was pretty funny, but shows the need for a way to share a link for a public meeting that can be published publicly (unless there is another way to solve this problem.)

Also, the host for this meeting cancelled at the last second, so he asked me to jump in. Fortunately it was easy to find the host key for the meeting. I think we will continue to use this for our repeating meeting, but would like to solve the Zoom link sharing issue.

I looked on the LFX meeting documentation and didn’t see anything about the scenario of how to share a public meeting URL.

Looks promising!


Thanks Neal - I think being able to share a public meeting link is a huge piece to being able to transition over to using this for community meetings. I recall there is something there or in the works from speaking to @emsearcy .


Hey @John_Mertic this is good to hear! Glad you had a good experience and thank you for the feedback from your community!

Interesting, I’ll test this out and let our dev team know. When you say manual, do you mean they have to

Good note, @sharan_kumar I think it may be a good idea to include this note in our documentation, for John’s use case mentioned above.

@John_Mertic I believe the host key is necessary because of the shared pool of zoom accounts. @emsearcy can you expound on the host priveledges here?

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Thanks @Henry_Quaye !

RE: Outlook, I believe it comes over as an attachment and they have to manually click it and add it to the calendar; doesn’t get added automatically like Google does.

Sure Henry, will update this note.

+1 on being able to share public meeting link

Good news @jzcardoso @John_Mertic and @Neal_Caidin we just pushed an update for LFX Project Control Center making it easier to share public meetings, view past meeting transcripts, and more! :partying_face:

Find out more on the update here: LFX Project Control Center v1.1.3 Recording and Tran - Content & Articles / News & Announcements - LFX Community Forums

Find out how to share a public meeting link here: New! –Meeting Managment feature in PCC: How to share a public invitation link for meetings - Get LFX Tool Help / LFX Project Control Center [BETA] - LFX Community Forums

Thank you all for your feedback!

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