Any recent Zoom integration changes?

This week a number of community meetings that use Zoom (LFN, LFE an Node among them) have been unable to start due to what appears to be a new 2FA implementation on the community accounts. I didn’t see anything in the last few Zoom release notes other than a generic, “security enhancements” bullet in one of them. Does anyone know if this might be related to any recent changes on the LFX side of things, or was one of Zoom’s “security enhancements” enabling 2FA as a global?


Hi Kenny: this change was wholly on Zoom’s side, and on initial investigation there aren’t any account-level options for us to disable this security feature.

I will point out that as projects transition to LFX Meetings (scheduling / managing invitations through PCC) it would address this, because direct access to the Zoom host user isn’t used (or available!). I realize this doesn’t solve the issue today (for “legacy” accounts), but it would provide a path forward. An FAQ on LFX Meetings will be posted to the community here soon, but LFX Meetings is live today in PCC for staff, with the exception of recordings and transcripts links for historical meetings with recordings which is being worked on as a top priority right now.


Coolness. Thanks!

Actually I guess Zoom has forced us collectively into a corner which significantly ratchets up need to migrate to the new model. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sure as heck not going to take on the responsibility for starting all of ONAP’s 70 or so weekly meetings. :crazy_face:

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