Meeting Management in Individual Dashboard

It appears in the dashboard and is not clickable, there is no “add to your calendar” clickable link either. Seems like that would be useful.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention @Jim_Zemlin, I believe an “add to your calendar” or even a “join meeting” link accessible through Individual Dashboard would be valuable to our users!

For the “I need to join now” users @Kenny_Paul brought up in this thread, Meeting Invitation Email Confusing to, “I Need To Join Now” users - Suggestion Box - LFX Community Forums, Individual Dashboard could also be a central hub where each individual’s join meeting link could reside.

@sgupta and @emsearcy, could this be something we include in our roadmap?

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100% agree @Jim_Zemlin - I think having that dashboard in Individual Dashboard being more actionable like you mentioned would be super useful in situations where folks having local calendar issues.

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