Meeting Invitation Email Confusing to, "I Need To Join Now" users

The email that is sent to users when they have registered for a meeting is confusing.
This is especially true for users that are trying to immediately register and join a meeting from a community calendar entry that contains the public registration link in it.

Current behavior:

Right at the top of the email the user receives it says:

This invite contains your personal meeting join link. Do not share this email or add more people to the event using your calendar software. Other users can register for the meeting at

The reality is that in the all too common, “I need to join the meeting immediately” situation, no one pays attention to the 2nd sentence after reading the first. They see the link in the 2nd sentence and immediately click on it thinking that is their own personal link. Unfortunately when they click on it think they are joining the call, the whole meeting registration bit starts over again, complete with a new email message being sent with the exact same info.

The user needs to scroll down several lines in the email to actually find their personal link to join the meeting. This is causing frustration.

Desired Behavior

at the top of the message the email sent to the use should say:

This invite contains your personal meeting join link. It is registered to you only.
Your personal link is:
DO NOT SHARE THE ABOVE LINK WITH ANYONE or this email or add more people to the event using your calendar software of choice.

Other users can register for the meeting at:

Then include all the rest of the information that is in the email below that exactly as-is, beginning with the meeting name. It will include some duplicate info in section #1, but that is OK.



Great feedback @Kenny_Paul, I agree and really appreciate your suggestion.

@emsearcy can we work on implementing @Kenny_Paul’s suggestion in our LFX Meeting messaging?

Hi @Kenny_Paul, yes we can do this. I’ve filed it as ITX-2457. Eric is out on vacation this week, and we usually pass user-facing text by him for approval (since he is the PCC product manager).

Once he is back and approves we will move forward with the ticket and make the updates.

Thank you for the feedback!


Perfect, thank you @jme!

Hi @Kenny_Paul, Eric is back and I got his approval on the wording here. We will go ahead and make the update this week. I’ll let you know when it is completed!


Thank you @jme

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Hi @Kenny_Paul ,

In testing this out, the “yadda-yadda-yadda” is pretty long and makes for a significant amount of “noise” in the email (assuming we provide the link in its entirety).

In your opinion, would it be a big loss to simply remove the “Other users can register for the meeting at” link (or, move it to the very bottom of the email)? That way the messaging is more simple: this email is just for you, don’t share it, and here are your join instructions. A user isn’t given additional instructions (more work for them) on re-sharing (unless we put it at the very bottom?), and so in the event they want/need to re-share, they’d either refer back to any publicized information, if any (wiki, TeamUp) where you may have posted this meeting with the registration URL, or, contact the project ops team/TPM for help registering another person.

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Yeah, that is a reasonable compromise from my PoV. :slight_smile:


Hi Kenny,

I apologize for forgetting to respond here, but we made this update and pushed it into production.

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