Meeting Management FAQ

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As we’re rolling out meeting management, we’ll also be adding information to this thread of frequently asked questions revolving around LFX Meetings.

Meeting set up

Settings for a private restricted meeting:

Private restricted meetings will only allow members who have been invited to join the meeting. If a member tries to join the meeting with a different email address than the one sent in the invite than the user will be unable to join the meeting.

Emails are required when joining a restricted meeting without an LF Account as a guest, and your email address has to be added in the meeting set-up settings in Project Control Center.

You’ll receive the following error message if attempting to join a restricted meeting without using an invited email address as shown below.

Another thing to note here is, Committee Board meetings will always be set to restricted by default; you will still be able to add other guests to the meeting through the manage meetings dashboard.

Settings for public meetings:

One thing to note here is that public meetings are the same as unrestricted meetings also shown here:

Public/non restricted meetings will be available for everyone to join, and email addresses are not required.

Meeting Management

Can you change a single occurrence of a meeting?

Yes, head to an existing meeting and select Manage Meeting to change a single occurrence of a meeting as shown below:


What happens when you make changes to a committee connected your meetings?

If you add a member to a committee, they will be added to all associated meetings
If you remove a member from the committee they will be removed from all associated meetings as well
You can not add or remove members from a committee

New vs Old Meeting Links

  1. New Link Format

  1. Old Link Format

The meeting ID and Password will be included in the new links, after our update all old meeting links will no longer work.


You might need to allow your browser to allow pop-up windows from

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