Linux Foundation All Hands Event Headshots and Photos

Hello everyone :wave:,

It was extraordinary meeting everyone last week, all be it the unfortunate event, I really enjoyed getting together and meeting all of our wonderful Linux Foundation staff at our Linux Foundation All Hands event.

As promised, here are the photos and headshots from our company All Hands event:


Event Pictures:

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To learn more on LFX Individual Dashboard, you can check out our slide deck and video guides posted here: LFX Individual Dashboard Overview Deck and Video Guides - Get LFX Tool Help / Individual Dashboard [v2 BETA] - LFX Community Forums

To learn more on the LFX Platform you can find our overview guides for each tool here: Latest overview topics - LFX Community Forums

Again it was great meeting you all, and let me know if you like your headshot! :camera_flash:

If you have any other questions or comments feel free to hit β€˜REPLY’ below. :love_you_gesture:


Agree, was fantastic to meet you and get to know colleagues. Thanks for doing this! You will have to get mine next time :slight_smile:

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My pleasure @Megan_Lehn and definitely! Hopefully we run into each other at another event :smiley:.