LFX Meetings Management - Suggestions / Questions

Recordings have been processing and aren’t available. You should be able to find the Playback in your LF Profile meetings → "Past Meetings - https://openprofile.dev/my-calendar but they are aren’t available.

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@Stephan_Ebers and @jme tagging for visibility, I’ve seen and experienced the same

Hi, I have the following use case: I’d like to use LFX meetings for recurring TSC and board meetings and have those events appear on the teams’ shared calendars AND for the meetings to stay in sync automatically.

Things I am Noodling With
Would it be possible to add the calendar to the list of attendees as a special role (since a calendar can not register or attend). Alternatively, could we specify a shared calendar during meeting creation and have the event be synced automatically?

The LF Edge Open Horizon project recently had a problem with LFX Meeting Management. An Open Horizon workgroup meeting should have started at 9am but was delayed. In LFX Meeting Management, at 10 minutes past the start time, the workgroup leader changed the start time to several hours later that day. That confused LFX Meetings. Possibly “modify” a meeting time should be locked once the call starts? @Joe.Pearson can better explain the details.

This is an awesome community and i’m happy to be here to learn and add valuable contrubutions in additions to several other contributions have made in various open source project

Will there be a way to schedule/cancel meeting using API. We organize lots of different meetings now using Google Calendar and all is automated, so meeting organizer only runs a GitHub Action to setup the meeting. So moving away from Google Calendar would be nice but only if API is there.

Also what about ICS file? how easy it is to add meeting calendar to existing calendar that somebody already have, company or private