Early access for Project Control Center

Check out Project Control Center at https://pcc.lfx.dev/ where authorized users can view details of Linux Foundation projects, deploy and manage collaboration and software supply chain services, and setup LFX tools like EasyCLA, Security, and (coming soon) Insights.

Don’t have access? Submit a PCC service desk ticket or find other support information at https://support.lfx.dev/ → LFX PCC.

I have access, but am not able to set up IT services like mailing lists. Brian Dawson (@anon9748504) suggested I post on this thread. Thanks!

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Thanks, @Heather_Ackenhusen this is a topic @emsearcy or @jme can likely help with, in the meantime, I have scheduled a call for us to discuss directly. We can then update the community with any relevant outcomes.

Hi @Heather_Ackenhusen,

Please file a support ticket at https://support.lfx.linuxfoundation.org to request access.