Insights Update Release Notes

Release Date: 12/27/2021

Release version: v1.1

Based on the feedback we received from various open source communities regarding incorrect representation of the community strength, we realized that the inconsistencies were because we included all types of activities performed on Github in our query to compute code contributors. This included the community members who only reacted by means of emojis on either a PR or an issue.

We analyzed over 8K GitHub repos to understand the pattern and found that the community members who were exclusively reacting to Github activities were more so project fans than actual code contributors. Hence we have now updated our queries to compute contributor analytics on the trends dashboard to not include the contributions coming in the form of only reactions i.e emojis on Github PRs, Commits, or Issues.

This means that our definition of a code contributor now includes the following activities:

  • Commit authored/co-authored
  • PR submitted/reviewed/commented/approved/merged
  • Changeset submitted/approved/rejected/merged
  • Issue submitted/commented/closed/rejected

This change only affects projects that use Github as their source control system as well as to manage bugs or issues.

Due to this change, you may see changes in the overall contributor stats reported on the trends dashboard. This change mainly affects the metrics reported for Contributor Strength, Contributor Growth and Retention, and New Contributor Growth.

Thank you for providing your valuable feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve and will continue to provide better analytics for all our communities.