How to discover what time of day developers are committing code

Hey, Everyone,

Sometimes it can be helpful to get a more granular sense of when people are committing code to a project? Why? It can be helpful for figuring out when to hold meetings, where to locate your meetups/events, and more.

But, you get a sense of when exactly your community is committing code? Fortunately, this is easy with LFX Insights.

Here’s how…

Step 1: Choose your project

Head over to and choose your project by clicking on the Go to Projects button:

In this example, we will look at the Academy Software Foundation projects.

Step 2: Open the Technical Metrics

When you go to the projects view, you will see the overall metrics for that collection of projects:

Click on the Technical Metrics option in the left menu.

Step 3: Identify your top contributors

Now, in the main body of the LFX Insights you can see the list of top technical contributors:

Now click the View All button.

Step 3: See what time code is being committed

Now, if you scroll further down you will see a graph showing when people are committing:

In the above example you can see that in a Pacific time zone there is a significant amount of code contribution. You can see that there is a little less in a European timezone.

This is really useful information for when to schedule online events, meeting, in-person meetups, and more.

How would you use this information in your project?

Hit REPLY and let us know!

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For me, this would be helpful in identifying the “type” and “location” of participation in the project, which I could then use to inform my community engagement activities.

For example, if I see that contributions are clustered in a timezone, that will let me know what country or region is most actively engaged, which would then allow me to focus on events such as meet-ups, workshops or bug scrubs in that region.

I can also identify if most contributions are happening during work hours or after hours to indicate if the contributor is participating on behalf of their job, or due to personal interests. I can then use this to tailor the way I engage the contributor community.