Tool to display good time for downtime

I need to upgrade Nexus3 for ONAP, and this operation requires that Jenkins is paused.
So I would like to find which timeslot (GMT) has the least activity for Jenkins.
Maybe specify server, prefered day(s) and duration of downtime, and the tool will suggest a timeslot (GMT) which causes least problems for community (that is least activity at this timeslot0.
Preferable also be able to choose multiple servers, and give me a timeslot for least activity for all these servers, either separately or as a group.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Bengt!

Thank you for your question and for your participation in the LFX Community Forum!

I recently published an article with a similar scenario that you are describing:

(Tool maintenance section)

For a given project, you can do the following to visualize the timezone where your project has the least activity to plan your upgrades:

The “commits by Time Zone” graph shows the commits added at a particular time in the day. Since Jenkins activity is tied to the commits being processed (reviewed/merged) this should also give you an idea on when CI/CD is also most active getting these changes through.

In this case, for example, if you see that 4 UTC does not have any commits, means that CI/CD is also likely not too active, which makes it a good time to plan your upgrades.

Additionally, if you are familiar with the project’s daily/cron/scheduled jobs you can browse their statistics to notice at what day and time do they run so that you plan around them. For example, the CLM ONAP jobs. If you go to Technical Trends → CI/CD → Jenkins → Job Categories you can search for that particular job to get an overview of their trend:

(Click on any of these jobs, and you will get the time zone when it ran)

Of course this works best where you have projects with less daily jobs compared to ONAP but if you know you are concerned about not disturbing or delaying a particular job, then this feature can come in handy.

The Job Executed over time feature also supports multiple jobs in the same graph!

Let me know what you think!


Thank you @Jessica_Wagantall I think this is a great way to leverage LFX Insights for release engineering needs!

@Bengt_Thuree you bring up a good point.

@Bengt_Thuree we’re coming out with a v2 of LFX Insights soon, and v2 will not only show metrics and charts, but there will be observations on how the metrics or data can be used, as shown below:

I think you brought up a great point about the CI/CD data we show.

@sgupta what do you think, for v2 would we be able to conclude least and most active days or hours rather than just timezones?

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