Error adding new committee member - [wrong organization] is already in our database

Hi, I was trying to add an LF Staff member to the LF Board committee today and received the attached error when I clicked the “Save” button. I’ve not seen this error before. I was not adding a NewRISCVSwiss organization, and I have no idea what it even thought I was. The organization is “The Linux Foundation” and the URL was My only options are to click “No” which takes me back to the input screen and does not save the new committee member, or I can click Yes, which I assume would use this NewRISCVSwiss organization which would be incorrect. I exited the screen and did not save it.

Hi Mike,

This is happening because someone has created an organization called NewRISCVSwiss with the url I’m not sure who did this or why, but I’ve asked the team that manages the organization data to correct it.

We do a lookup of the correct organization based on what is entered in the url, and in this case it has stopped returning the LF and returned this other org instead. The core services team should be able to resolve this soon.

The core services team has corrected the data and it should now correctly ask you if you want to use the Linux Foundation organization in this case. Please try again.

Mike, this is also happening because in PCC, if you don’t click one of the companies that pops up when you are typing, the currently-implemented user experience assumes you are trying to create a new company, which then does an “existing company double-check” on the URL you entered.

To avoid PCC thinking you are trying to create a new company, you should always click on the pop-up search result, which will pre-populate the company URL, too.


Ok, thanks. I may not be the only one that does that - the popups weren’t showing on the screen - so maybe we can just add a little more of a suggestion to the error notice. I was confused with the NewRISCVSwiss notation on the error.

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