Drive your organization's professional development with training and certification insights


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The end of the year is upon us, and as a supporting organization, it is time to show your organizational impact!

Being able to grasp an overall understanding of what your organization did in the year and relay this to stakeholders will be of value towards planning goals for the next year.

Understanding your organization’s training and certification insights enables you to benchmark your organization’s professional development for the year.

LFX Organization Dashboard provides you with aggregated training and certification insight graphs and charts for the year.

Let’s get to the goods!..

Step 1: Access Org Dash

To access Organization Dashboard you need to have a Linux Foundation Community Profile. If you do not have one, you can create one here, on the LFX Homepage:

Once you have logged in to your Community Profile you can access Org Dash using the following link at

Step 2: Locate your Organization

In the main view of the LFX Organization Dashboard tool, find the ‘Search Organizations’ field in the left-hand navigation and search for your organization(s).

Step 3: Navigate to your training and certification overview

In the main Dashboard for your organization, you will find your membership and overall project contribution metrics.

Select ‘Training & Certification’ as shown below

## Step 4: Review your training and certification summaries

You will now be able to view and understand your organization’s yearly aggregated Training and Certification Summaries.

The ‘Training Summary’ will depict your organization’s enrollment data including your:

  • Top 5 enrolled training programs
  • Employees enrolled for training programs from your organization
  • Total number of employees enrolled for training from your organization

You can find more information on who enrolled for your top training programs by clicking ‘View Details’ as shown below.

Scrolling down a little more you’ll find your ‘Certification Summary’.

Your ‘Certification Summary’ will depict your organization’s earned certification data including your:

  • Top 5 certifications attained in the year
  • Employees who attained these certifications from your organization
  • Total number of employees that attained certifications from your organization

Click ‘View Details’ to find the employees in your organization that attained the certification.

## Step 5: Review your organization’s training & certification data in detail

Viewing the summaries is great, but if you need more information on training and certifications, click ‘View More’ under the Training or Certification Summary, or click ‘My Organization’ in the left-hand navigation under ‘Training & Certification’.

Now you’ll have access to:

  • Yearly filters
  • Benchmarks against the average training enrollment metrics for other organizations
  • Complete list ranking top enrolled training programs for your organization
  • Complete list ranking top-trained employees, with a view of the programs they have enrolled in that year
  • Graph representing trained employees by geography


You can toggle data for both employees enrolled in training and employees certified by selecting the perspective tab on the top of the page.

Step 6: Review understand and plan

With information on Training & Certification insights for your organization, what can you do?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create benchmarks for your professional development goals next year.
  • Consider new projects to support, based on top employee training programs.
  • Celebrate and reward top employees that earned certifications in the year, to encourage a culture supporting professional development in your organization.

Professional development is important for supporting organizations to ensure they have the expertise to continue to improve their contribution strength needed to drive impact in open source projects critical to your business needs.

What are additional ways you guys are encouraging professional development in your organization? Hit REPLY we would love to hear your thoughts!

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