How to understand your organization's event participation data


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As an organization establishing healthy engagement with a community and increasing your brand footprint takes more than just code contributions.

It requires active participation in community activities and events, whether that be:

  • sending staff to events to gain the latest knowledge on projects critical to your business and improving your organization’s adoption
  • or sharing your organization’s insight with the community at large through speaking slots and participation in governance and community activities

Understanding your organization’s attendance or engagement at events for projects critical to your business needs is important in measuring your organization’s impact in the community as well as it’s understanding and adoption of a given technology or project.

With LFX Organization Dashboard, you can easily identify what events your staff have attended or spoken at.

Here’s how…

Step 1: Access Organization Dashboard

To access LFX Organization Dashboard you need to have a Linux Foundation Community Profile. If you do not have one, you can create one here, on the LFX Homepage:

Once you have logged in to your Community Profile you can access Organization Dashboard using the following link here at

Step 2: Locate your Organization

In the main view of the LFX Organization Dashboard tool, find the ‘Search Organizations’ field in the left-hand navigation and search for your organization(s).

Step 3 Head to the events page for the organization:

When you’re in the main view of Organization Dashboard, you will see data on project memberships and contributing projects for your organization.

Click on the ‘Events’ dropdown option in the left-hand navigation, then click ‘My Organization’.

Step 4: Understand your organization’s staff participation summary

Now, in the main body of your organization’s event page, you can understand your organization’s event participation summary for a selected year.

  • General event participation data
  • Top events attended/spoken
  • Top attendees/speakers from your organization

At the top of this page will be your organization’s aggregated event participation summary.

You can select whether you want to view your organization’s attendance or speaker insights using the tabs under the aggregated data.

Scrolling further down on the page, you can understand data on attendee or speaker participation while benchmarking your participation against the average of other organizations.

You can customize the organization ‘Compare By’ dropdown by:

  • Other organizations with similar # of employees
  • Organizations at the same event sponsorship level
  • Organizations in similar Industry segment

Scrolling down a bit more you can understand your data on top events attended or spoken in, while also benchmarking your events against the average of other organizations.

At the bottom of the page, you can understand your organization’s top attendee or speaker data.

Step 5: Determine your organization’s brand footprint in the community

Access to your organization’s event participation data not only ensures that your organization has a presence and brand footprint in open source communities but it also drives an increase to your impact and influence in your communities allowing you to:

  • identify
  • promote
  • and reward your most active staff

You can also use Organization Dashboard to find your most active contributors and reward them by sending them to represent your organization at events.

You can follow this recipe to find your most active contributors here at

Event participation is essential for establishing presence and a brand footprint, as it allows for a space where staff can connect and build lasting relations with other contributors, ultimately increasing your organization’s impact and influence in open source communities.

How has event participation impacted your open source experience? What were your favorite events and why? Hit REPLY we would love to know!