Connecting linkedin info for folks who don't have a github history

Hey there - in my individual profile there is sample data that doesn’t go away even after I connected my Github account. It is likely because I am not actually actively committing code in any github repo but mainly use github to browse projects. It also shows that my profile is 86% complete because I haven’t put my work history. I can’t do that because the work history seems to be connected to activity that I have not done (eg - committing code in Github). Can we fix this? Happy to hop on a Zoom and screen share this too. And for the record, even though I am not committing code in Github I hope that I am able to contribute to open source in other ways.

Hey @Jim_Zemlin :wave: , welcome to the community!

Great catch! You’re spot on, currently, your work history is identified solely through technical contributions to affiliated projects, and the sample data is linked to code contributions as well.

You most certainly are! There are most certainly other meaningful ways to contribute to open source. Administrative tasks, fundraising, and community outreach are just being a few.

@Jim_Zemlin How would you suggest we implement work history to profiles, while keeping it open source centered?

I would love to hop on a quick zoom call to fully understand your suggestion to relay this to our product team, I’ll shoot you a private message. I have a call with our product team later today.

@Nirav_Patel what are your thoughts on this?

Hey @Jim_Zemlin

We are adding this feature tomorrow → DO NOT show sample data if the user connected to GitHub and no contribution found (currently, it is in DEV for testing)

Yes, we don’t have a way today to add work history without activity. I will take this feedback and come back to you.

Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks guys! This is really helpful. There will be lots of people in our community that contribute beyond code. For example, they may speak at an event representing their current employer. Many of these folks will change jobs over time. So they may have been a speaker representing Intel one year and then later representing Microsoft. We will need to take this into account as we show organizational activity in our org dashboard. Appreciate it!

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Absolutely. Let me update you as we make progress on this feature.

Again, thanks for the feedback.

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@Jim_Zemlin We have pushed the feature. However, you should NOT see example data once you connect to GitHub.

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It works! Nice job.

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