How do I edit Affiliations?

It let’s me delete Affiliations and how do I add them without linking to Github and LinkedIn - I accidentally delete one and not seeing a way to add it.

Hello Shuah,

To validate and keep the integrity of the contribution data shown on your Individual Dashboard affiliations are automatically retrieved from your GitHub Identities.

You are unable to manually add new contributions.
All contributions derive from your GitHub identities which syncs daily.

To retrieve all of your contributions if you have manually deleted a contribution on accident.
Go to your Identities, and delete and re-add your GitHub Identity to resync your data. It should update within 5 minutes.

What’s the best way for me to add projects I contributed to without linking to GitHub and LinkedIn?

Currently, the only way to add contributions to projects is by linking GitHub.

The best way I am aware of will be the method of relinking your GitHub identity .

The best way to add your affiliations is by connecting your LinkedIn profile, as it will take job experience dates and match them up with your contributions automatically. Then you would be able to save which affiliations you would like to add.

You can also manually add your affiliations manually.

This is the best method I have found, @Nirav_Patel are there any other ways to add contributions?