CNCF data in LFX Insights

Can we have the CNCF data also in LFX Insights? Handling both LFX Insights and is more difficult than handling only one tool.


The LFX Engineering team is currently working on Insights v2 to meet the scaling needs of CNCF (on top of adding features like repgroups). I expect this work to be done by later in the summer


Thank you for your response @cra , @GergelyCsatari I’ll keep you up to date with this.

Adding @sgupta for visibility.


HI @GergelyCsatari,

@cra is right we are working on a next version of Insights that will be able to perform and scale well for all the LF projects and that includes all projects under the CNCF umbrella. We are in our last stages of QA and hope to release the Insights v2 around the first week of July. I will work with @Henry_Quaye to get a detailed release schedule published in the coming days. Stay tuned!


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